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Lunch Options

Our School offers 2 lunch programs.  The MS/HS program and the KR3-5th Grade program.

The MS/HS program offers several options for lunch.  Your child may order a hot lunch from the lunchroom, order Ala Cart items, or bring food from home that can be reheated or cooked in microwave ovens.  If ordering school lunch or Ala Cart items the order must be turned in during Homeroom at the beginning of the school day.  The lunchroom will then bill the student's account.  If the student brings items from home to reheat/cook they are responsible for heating their own lunch.  

The KR3-5th Grade program offers hot School lunch or a lunch from home.  The school lunches are ordered in the classrooms at the beginning of each class day.  Lunches brough from home are collected and stored in the school kitchen.  They are then heated, if needed, and layed out for the kids at their lunch times.  To accomplish this it is requested by the lunch staff that all items be labeled with the student's name.