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God Winks
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Monday, June 29, 2020

Soooooo....this happened today. I always say, look for the God winks. Any guess what this is? God always provides, ALWAYS! Sometimes it is in little, quiet ways but this, THIS was an in my face....”stay faithful moment”!  
Here’s the story. The 2019-2020 school wasn’t our favorite, shocking right?It ended oddly, it had loads of stress from zoom, utube, hard copies, stay healthy, how to get things done with parents also working out of home or worse, losing jobs. The biggest stress was financial. There was a point when I wasn’t sure the school would survive, there was a prideful moment of accepting loan, there was a humbling moment of explaining to our parents about tuition, using ALL school funds to make budget work, there were many moments of prayer. Our students and parents, grandparents, friends & more, raised funds to go towards upgrading the playground this year. Those funds were used to make ends meet. It was a hollow gut feeling. 
Then this happens.....Kimberly Haynes of Visionary Homes calls me and basically says “hey, we have this playground we were going to auction off at trade show, but it’s been cancelled, want it?” Let that sink in....we raised funds $7,000, specifically for playground, we had to absorb those funds in budget, no upgrades, playground not happening and they are donating a playground!? An almost $9,000 playground that meets all safety standards. 
I cried! Big fat, crazy full on tears of joy & faith & just wow..... God winked! It was like he said “ told you so!” It was delivered today, it will be assembled this weekend ( by Visionary Homes!) . We will need to fence in and add rubber pieces....but if you didn’t just have to believe! God winks!


Principal Michelle Caldwell




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