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Dear Parents & Students
Posted On:
Saturday, December 01, 2018

Dear Parents & Students! If you ever doubted.... you should be over that! Our God is sooooo very good! All students were safe, staff & parents (who were still in school) reacted swiftly & with such love. All parents & guardians were helpful, calm & understanding. I'm not sure there is much we could've done differently. I love my staff but you must know their dedication to our students/your kids, was above measure. Amazing job! Thank you is not big enough! After my walk through today with Pastor we are staying with initial decision of NO school Monday or Tuesday. After we have all clear from professionals, we will have teachers put out a remind message. We should know more Monday afternoon. Please take care of your families, check on each other & say your praises! Also, be honest with your children. They did an amazing job in a very scary situation and are probably going to be scared for a long time to come. Give them hugs and reassurance from us! If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me or your teacher. ALL in His hands, ❤️ Principal Caldwell

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