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Principal Chat…..

We are over half way through our school year! In fact, day 100 is Feb. 9th! This year has already been
filled with so many wonderful moments and we are ready to make more.

Our robotics team qualified for AK state meet in December, competed in January and came in 13th out
of 37 schools! They are team Alpha Omega and they represented us well. We also had a successful
mission’s month at chapel time. Students were able to learn what it means to be a missionary and we
had a few guest speakers in to share their stories. On Tuesday students competed in-house for the ACSI
speech meet; finalists will be notified soon. At our last school board meeting we had the 4th & 5th
grade class representatives in for a visit. They were able to make a plug for swings on the playground
and a possible reading shed. I love these ideas! Let’s do it!

I do request prayer for the hard things. We have several families/students that are struggling with
emotional, physical or financial situations. The saying that you never know what is behind someone
else’s smile is true. Always be kind, you can never go wrong.

It is summer and fall enrollment time. We have had so many inquiries that we are starting early! This
month is reserved for all our existing families. We are starting a continuous enrollment process that will
save you pages and pages of paperwork. Please be ready to read and sign the form that comes home
over the next few weeks in a timely manner. This will enroll your child into the 2023-2024 school year
and each continuing year. If you are not planning on returning please send an email to Mrs. Brandon, or to the school office, ---by March 15th;
this will be considered your disenrollment from us. We are already starting to see enrollments for the
fall and want our current families to always have priority and keep our classroom ratio low. March will
start open enrollment.

We will be sending home a survey closer to Easter time frame so you can grade us on performance and
see what areas we possibly need to improve as well as where you believe we shine. When you receive
it, please take a few minutes to fill it in and return promptly.

Be ready, the remainder of the year is a flurry of activities, stay tuned!
Thanks for letting us be part of your family,

Principal Michelle Caldwell

Heart Shape Confetti
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