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Good Beautiful and Bountiful October,

I can hardly believe it is already coming up on the end of our first quarter.  As I revisit this time last year I can barely contain how amazed I am at how we made it through and how strong God has made us as a school and a family. As always, God is good!

We have been very busy with creative recess because of all our rain, amazing and unique art classes, electives for upper levels, PE times,  lunches, chapels, and of course, academics.  Students are finding their niche, teachers are finding their groove with classes, staff is getting into a routine and parents are busy with their schedules.  We have already had special lunch days, enjoyed birthday cupcakes, scooped ice cream, made stone soup, learned how to harvest vegetables that summer school students planted, learned some geometry, had visitors, collected and dissected leaves, made friends, budgeted time and learned to be part of a group.  This list continues to grow!  Be proud of all these accomplishments! 

As parents and guardians, your job is the hardest!  Thanks for trusting us with your children; we do not take this responsibility lightly.  Thanks for packing lunches, returning folders, ensuring your children are getting sleep, working with teachers and staff, taking time to talk with us and being genuine in doing your best.  If we can help, let us know. 

My favorite all school event so far was the See You At The Pole.  I was able to stand in with each group and heard some of their requests listening to them pray.  We prayed for all sorts of leaders, struggles, friends, pets, good days and of course, YOU!

Coming up are parent/teacher conferences, snow gear season, Eagle’s nest, picture day, FBI internet briefing for parents only.  You can also come hang out with me and ask me questions and give me ideas about our school in a ‘Chat with the Principal’ on Oct. 13, from 4-5, kids can be signed into free aftercare if needed for that hour.  There is not an agenda, just a time for discussion. If you have a specific area of interest let me know so I will prepare and share with others.

We are off to a busy start and looking forward to a Fall and Winter season full of adventures, praises and learning.  Again, thanks for trusting us with your family and in turn for being part of ours,

Michelle Caldwell

Principal with a pumpkin patch full of outstanding students and staff!            

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Isaiah 40:31    

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