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I am looking forward to seeing everyone and growing together throughout the year. I hope to have the
chance to say hello to each of you at the Open House on the evening of August 15. If I miss you, please
stop by the first few weeks of school and say hello. I would love to connect with each of you, as the
school year gets under way. It is important to me that you know I am here not just to keep track of
behaviors, sign papers or handle issues but to truly connect with you and your child as we work together
to educate academically, spiritually and emotionally. Growing the whole student.

As, I sit and type this letter I am also pausing to laugh with fellow teachers as they are “playing” with a
new bag of toys that was given to them. The saying that a child’s laughter brings healing is also true of
my staff. Hearing them laugh together and sometimes at each other makes my Principal’s heart happy.

I have a few words of wisdom to offer. My first is to plan a few meals ahead and SIT and eat
together—truly, even if it is pizza and paper plates, do it at a table together. No TV, no phones. Wait
until everyone is done before leaving the table. Help each other clean up. There may be grumbling at
first, even from the grownups, but keep this a ritual, I promise, it will pay off in the end. Oh, pack
lunches the night before! Saves morning meltdowns!

My second words of wisdom is to go to bed on time, no electronics. If I could influence you at all, I
would say no electronics ever on in ANY bedroom, including Mom and Dad’s. Just turn it off. The first
week is sure to be busy and tiring for all age levels. Stick to a schedule, although hard to establish, this
will serve well throughout the year. If possible, try not to plan after school activities the first week. It is
hard, for you and for them. The second week is harder.

Last piece of advice, love them through it all. Change is hard, routine is hard, school is hard, and
sometimes loving them is hard--- do it anyway. Know that on this end, we will be taking good care of
them. Each child is important. We look forward to making your child’s time at our school a happy, safe
one that continues to grow them into educated people who add to our world knowing and showing
Jesus love to those around them.

God has been so good to us!

I cannot wait to see you all,
Principal Caldwell                                                                                                                                            Isaiah 40:31

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