Blessing this Easter!  


I cannot believe the first week of April has already come and gone. Can you believe it; this school year is almost at a close, almost?

We started this month with some fun class pranks and standardized testing for third grade and up—I am not sure they thought it was funny.  However, the snow is melting, skinned knees are happening, and spring fever is in the air and in the classrooms. One side of the administrator in me requests you try to avoid the temptation of staying up later and enjoying our daylight as it does affect the students in the classroom and the other side says please go out and have fun, children learn so much in exploring and adventuring! Choose wisely. 


The biggest news this month is that on the 13th at 1:30 pm we are having baptisms!  This is beyond an honor.  This student led request has grown from 1 student asking if it was possible at school to 10!  We, of course, received parent permission, as this is always a partnership. We have never done this before and in our world today, with all the negative sterotypes and the media about our youth slipping away---WE ARE HAVING BAPTISMS---100% because of student questions and initiative!  It is not too late if your child still wants to take part, let us know. Keep an eye on this group, they are going to do great things all for His glory!   You are welcome to attend and celebrate this milestone with us in the sanctuary.  


As we round out April and welcome May, we will have a graduation for our seniors, Bethany Cohen and Andrew Zachry at 7 pm May 6. You are all invited to this celebration.  Both graduates will going on to UAF and are students to keep an eye on, as they will surely soar.


If you have not enrolled yet, please do!  We are planning our classrooms for the fall.  If you know of new families moving in please point them in our direction.  


Easter is one of my favorite times of year, so much happens in three days!  Nothing is impossible! Please let us know if we can serve you in any way. 


Have a beautiful April, with constant joy,

Michelle Caldwell